Pocky Almond Crush


he deliciousness of bouncyness that comes out one after another. A rich chocolate is coated on the pretzel baked for a light texture. Pocky with a crispy and pleasant texture is full of fun and bouncy taste. Luxury chocolate & almond pretzels are thinned, and the texture of almonds and the taste design that you can feel the taste of chocolate are carefully made one by one, which conveys that the number is firmly contained, and the taste is deep and satisfying. It is the color of the package for adults with a sense of quality that conveys the feeling.


Add-ons total:



Wheat flour, sugar, almonds, whole milk powder, vegetable fats and oils, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, shortening, salt, yeast / emulsifier, flavoring, anato pigment, swelling agent, (some include milk components, wheat and soybeans)


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