Funny Gum 15g

SKU No – NM014
Japan is known for its unique product for children. This gum has a very refreshing and long-lasting taste. It has very cute and compact packaging so as to enjoy it anywhere and anytime.
Does each one taste different? Eat it and be amazed! Enjoy each flavour, Lemon, Strawberry and Green Apple individually or eat all of them at once to make them taste like grape.
In case you’re wondering how these 3 flavours developed: 3 friends – a strawberry, an apple and a lemon went for a walk in the forest. There they encountered a magical creature and tried to catch it, only to be turned into a grapes (◎ ◎) ゞ
It is manufactured in GMP certified state-of-the-art facility in Japan. ‘Made in Japan’ is a synonym for high quality and safety standards.
If you eat three kinds of gum, lemon flavor, strawberry flavor, and green apple flavor together, it will change to grape flavor. An interesting noodle-shaped gum that can be enjoyed as if it were an experiment and is easy to tear and eat.

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Sugar,Glucose,Syrup, Reduced starch syrup /Gum base,Acidulant,Fragrance,Softener,Coloring((Anthocyanins,Flavonoids,Gardenia,Carotenoids)24 months