Made in Japan

In this ever-increasing competitive world, where every market needs to be catered to domestic requirements with some unique selling point in the product. We at NIHONMOTO can support you to make your own Private brand with the goodwill of the ‘Made in Japan’ tag attached to it!.

In recent years, the need for private label brands is increasing mainly because of following reasons,

  1. Risk of losing out to the big company with an extensive network
  2. Low-profit margin in selling other branded products as a cost not only includes manufacturing cost but also marketing and advertising cost is attached to it
  3. Every market requirement is different and hence  needs to cater with customized products accordingly

    4. OEM not only reduces the product cost but also allows you to concentrate on tailored made sales and marketing strategies for your market

    If you are looking for an OEM (your private label) in Japan then NIHONMOTO can serve you as a single point solution for the complete OEM cycle. The most important factor in  OEM business is Trust, to which we give utmost importance by keeping transparency at every stage of the product cycle.

a_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia
Planning (Product concept)
b_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia
Plan proposal based on the customers' ideas
LAB sampling and approximate estimate Quote
3541010_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia
Formulation confirmation
Final Confirmation of Quotation

We are constantly looking forward to meeting new partners from all around the world to explore new possibilities together regardless of the severity of challenges and complexity. With our service and hard work, we assure complete customer satisfaction in producing the finest quality product. Making your brand is not as complex as one would imagine, NIHONMOTO makes it happen with swift service and transparency in the operations such as,

Product Planning
Business Regulation
Package Design
Product Manufacturing