Wakuwaku doubutsu soft candy 33g


SKU No – NM046
Truly adorable Japanese DIY (Do it yourself) soft candies by Coris. Mold it and have fun making it! Fun to make strawberry and lemon-flavored soft candies with stamped animals. The kit comes with sticks of yellow and pink soft candy, with lemon and strawberry flavors respectively, which you put into the molds to make cute lions, pandas, and many more. Your creativity is really fostered when the art you make is tasty as well.
Japanese Confectionery is popular for its unique taste, cute packaging, and fun to eat. ‘Made in Japan’ is a synonym for high quality and safety standards. This adorable cute candy is very famous among Japanese kids and also across the world.


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Sugar, Glucose syrup, Processed fat, gelatine, starch, Reduced starch syrup/ sorbitol, emulsifier, acidulant, flavoring, Thickener (Pullulun), coloring (anthocyanin, carotenoid)12 months