Sono Manma Chewing Ramune Gum


SKU No – NM007
It is a chewing gum that is full of the deliciousness of a thick paste in soft chewing gum. There are 3 round-shaped bubble-gums packed in cute and easy-to-carry compact packaging. out of the 3 gums, only one of them is sour in taste! It is a surprise element and cannot judge unless you try it. You can not only enjoy this delicious gum but also have fun games with your friends and family to see gets the sour gum!. Sonomanma Ramune gum comes in different flavors and is very popular among Japanese childens. It is soft textured gum with a sweet and sour taste paste in the center, which dissolves perfectly and spreads evenly throughout the tongue to enhance the rich Ramune flavor.
Japanese Confectionery is popular for its unique taste, cute packaging, and fun to eat. ‘Made in Japan’ is a synonym for high quality and safety standards.


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Grape sugar, sugar, sugar syrup, reduced sugar syrup/ gum base, acidulant, softener, coloring agent (cape jasmine, flavonoid)8 months