Fruit & Vegetable Candy DIY Kit 18g


SKU No – NM047
This adorable Japanese DIY kit comes with 3 different flavors of chewing candy In lemon, grape, and green apple.
It comes with a mold so it is fun while you to create an mixed variety of fruits and vegetables to place in the vegetable stand that comes along the pack and helps you to create your own mini shop front! And it is very easy and kids will enjoy and learn Easy! You can make vegetables and fruits! It is a handmade sweet that is made by mixing soft candy or putting it in a mold. Exciting and excited! This is an educational confectionery series that makes children crazy because the process of making is fun. A handmade confectionery that allows you to make vegetable and fruit-shaped soft candy with three types of soft candy: pink (grape flavor), green (green apple), and yellow (lemon flavor). With vegetable and fruit molds that can be easily made even at a young age. Comes with a mount that allows you to play with the vegetables and fruits you made. You can play with soft candy in 3 colors and 3 flavors (grape, apple, lemon).


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Sugar,Syrup,Processed fats and oils,gelatin,Starch, Reduced starch syrup /Sorbitol,emulsifier,Acidulant,Fragrance, Colorants (Anthocyanins,Flavonoids,Gardenia,Carotenoid),Thickener(Pullulan)12 months