Dragon Ball Super Gum


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Love the gummies aha here are a bountiful of happiness inspired by the popular show kids would love it! A hit gum designed with characters selected from the popular manga / anime Dragon Ball Super and the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly the Movie. There are 10 designs. Juicy cola flavor.
While you won’t be able to reap all the health benefits of Corris Dragon Ball Super gummies, you’ll certainly fall in love with its tart and tangy taste. These gummies have an amazingly soft texture and are packed with flavor right down to center. Dragon Ball Super gummies are made with juicy cola flavor for you to enjoy and love it.

Energy: 292kcal, Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 72.9g (Sugar 34.7g), Salt 0g


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Sugar, glucose, starch syrup, dextrin, gum base, flavor, acidulant, emulsifier, colorant (spirulina blue)36 months