Yamadai Vegan Dan Dan Noodles (72g)


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Collaborated with “T’s restaurant”. Rich taste based on Chinese chili beans sauce & sweet soy beans paste, and Sichuan pepper gives accent to the dish. Free from animal ingredients, artificial seasonings and alcohol. It can be suggested as “Portable Vegan Food”. If you want to enjoy vegan foods in the out side such as office, mountaineering, picnic, this product should be tried.


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Noodle(Flour, Salt, Soy Beans Dietary Fiber), Soup(Sesame, Salt, Sugar, Plant Fat and Oil, Yeast Extract, Dou Ban Jiang, Onion Powder, Spice, Seasoning Oil, Tian Men Jiang, Protein Hydrolysate, Shitake Mushroom Extract), Topping(Bok Choy, Sesame, Granulated Protein, Pea Beans, Spice)/Lye Water, Polysaccharide Thickener, Caramel Color, Antioxidant(Vitamin E), Acidulant, Red Pepper Color, Spice Extract(Include Wheat, Sesame, Soy Beans)9 months