Doki Doki fishing candy


SKU No – NM048
Japanese confectionery always comes with surprises with the new product concepts. Pounding fishing candy is a good example of it. Buy this set and make four different kinds of fish-shaped, grape-flavored ramune and play with them. How many fish can you catch? It comes with 1x grape flavoring, 1x fishing rod, 1x fish mold tray to enjoy this unique fishing experience for children.
Sprinkle water on this glucose powder and watch the powder turn into a solid waiting to be formed into fish shapes by you.
How to use the product:
The kit provides you with a plastic fishing rod with a string attached, a 2-headed spoon, and a packet of grape flavor powder.
Put the line of the fishing rod into the fish mold along the guide line, lining up from one fish shape to another.
Take 1 tablespoon of grape flavor powder and evenly distribute it among the 4 fish shapes, covering the fishing rod you put into mold in step 1.
Put 1 teaspoon of water in each mold, or add water until the mold is full with it. No need to mix, no need to stir, just evenly coat the mold with water.
Wait for about 5 minutes. The candy solidifies automatically and attaches to the fishing rod. After waiting, just lift the line slightly and catch all the fish.

A handmade confectionery that can be eaten by catching four types of ramune, which are hardened with water. The taste of ramune is grape. You can catch and play fish ramune that has been hardened with water ♪ You can make 4 types of fish-shaped ramune! How many can you catch? !! Ramune has a grape flavor ♪


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Glucose / acidulant, calcium phosphate, flavor, sweetener (stevia), anthocyanin pigment12 months