Chocolate Kinako Mochi (26g)


SKU No – NM049
Soft and sweet, I’d like you to put on a melty chocolate cream! Exciting and exciting …! This is an educational confectionery series that makes children crazy because the process of making is fun. Easy to have with water! Once you have toys, let’s eat deliciously with chocolate and soybean flour!

DIY – Kinako-mochi. Put chocolate cream and flour sprinkles in a mold, pour water over white sweets, but do not fill them. Wait until they become soft. Dip soft candies in chocolate cream and then in flour sprinkles. Your mochi are ready.


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Sugar, starch syrup, vegetable fats, gelatin, starch, hydrogenated starch syrup, cocoa, sorbitol, emulsifier, acidulant, flavoring agent, dyes, thickener (pullulan).
456 kcal, proteins – 4.94 fats -17.86 g, carbohydrates – 70.68 g.12 months