NAGATANIEN Low Clorie Japanese Sweets Maccha (89g)


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This product can be eaten directly. No need to prepare any dishes. This Japanese sweets is slightly sweet and filling. Enjoy chewy texture. It can be stored for 1 year in room temperature. The calorie is only 21kcal / packet. It can be suggested as guilt-free sweets. A potion-type Japanese dessert that can be stored at room temperature and is easy to eat.Low calorie sweets.
Suitable for yourself, share with friends and families, party, gift and so on.
Ninjapo sticker or wrapping paper is attached.
Made in Japan – This is from Japan.
*Contents may be different from pictures.

• Gluten-Free

• Japanese traditional Wagashi Desserts

• Maccha Flavor

• Low Calorie Sweets (21kcal only!)

• Tear a small corner from the packaging, and carefully squeeze out the sweetie


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Sugar mixed corn syrup(Made in Japan), Maccha, Konjac Flour, Bracken powder/Processed Starch, Starch Adhesive(Polysaccharide thickener), Acidulant, Flavor, Gardenia pigment, Flavonoid pigment, Sweetener(Acesulfame k, Sucralose)12 months