Weird Starch Syrup


SKU No – NM043
Enjoy the smoothness in tasty syrup while you can’t miss the alluring Japanese aroma of this syrup If you combine the three flavors of strawberry, soda, and lemon Syrup that changes taste and color. The blue soda flavor is smooth the red strawberry flavor is sticky and the yellow lemon flavor is smooth with starch syrup.
Comes with a tray and spoon that you can enjoy immediately on the spot. Suitable for everyone and everyone will absolutely love the subtle sweetness of strawberry and yellow textured lemon that pairs well with blue soda flavor and makes signature Coris weird starch smooth tasty tangy signature syrup The fun of handmade sweets! A lot of fun and deliciousness


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Syrup, reduced starch syrup, sorbitol, acidulant, thickener (Bull Run), coloring (anthocyanin, gardenia, carotenoids), fragrance12 months