Chocolate banana soft Candy


SKU No – NM044
It is a fun and easy DIY(Do it yourself) kit, which is very popular among Japanese kids. An original kit from Coris where you create cute mini decorated chocolate banana candies. Dip them into the chocolate sauce and then add colorful sprinkles. Kids will love to make their own sweet and delicious candy. ‘Made in Japan’ is a synonym for high quality and safety standards.
The pack contains a plastic tray with three compartments—one for the banana candy, one for the chocolate sauce, and one for the little sprinkles. So you take a piece of pleasant yellow color banana candy, then you dip it in thick and rich chocolate sauce, and then you dip it in the sprinkles, and you can enjoy it!!.
The package includes 6 banana candies and all the necessary ingredients, tools, and instructions. This set is great fun for children and adults alike.


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Banana Candy: Sugar (Made in Japan), glucose syrup, Processed fat, Reduced starch syrup, gelatine, starch/sorbitol, emulsifier, flavoring, acidulant, Thickener (Pullulun), flavanoid coloring.
Chocolate cream: Cocoa powder, Whole milk powder, Sugar, Processed fat, cacao mass, emulsifier (soybean origin), flavoring.
Coloring sprinklers: Sugar (Made in Japan), Food coloring (cape jasmine, anthocyanin, carotenoid), Starch/ glue(Arabic gum)