NAGATANIEN Gluten Free Curry Sause (Middle) (210g)


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This brand “A-label” doesn’t contain allergen such as egg, milk, wheat, soba, peanut and soy. It is also free from flavoring and coloring agents, and artificial additives.
The shelf life is 5 years. Allergen (egg, milk, wheat, soba, peanut, soy) is not contained. This product can be stored as the emergency and Gluten-free foods.

• Medium Spice

• Low Calorie

• Free from: Egg, milk, wheat, peanuts, and Soy

• Free from fragrance, chemical additives, and coloring
Suggested Use:

Heat in hot water with bag for about 3 – 4 minutes or heat it in the microwave for 3 – 4 minutes.


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Vegetable(Potato, Carrot), Sauted onion(Onion, Rapeseed oil)(Made in Japan), Sugar, Pork, Tomato paste, Curry powder, Salt, Potato Flake, Pork extract, Palm oil, Yeast extract, Garlic, Garam masala/Starch adhesive(Processed starch)60 months