Glico Komekko Scallop Flavored Rice snack 10 pieces (snacks) – 39g


“Komekko” is a rice snack made by baking rice dough into thin chips and lightly fragrant. It features a crispy and light texture! The flavor of soy sauce and scallops is a perfect balance. It has a light and basic taste, so it is perfect not only for children’s snacks, snacks for small stomachs and overtime, but also for snacks such as peels. [Contents] 39g [Quantity] 90 pieces

These non-fried rice cracks have sesames rolled into them to give them an extra dimension to their already scrumptious flavor and texture. With the added scallop flavored soy sauce and the light texture that is unique to rice crackers, these crackers will surely provide a Japanese premium snacking experience!” My verdict: These crackers are surprisingly tasty!! They do smell fishy but they have a light delicate taste of seafood in these rice crackers. Very crispy and enjoyable ~ I bet they would be very good with some miso soup!


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Uruchi rice (US, domestic), vegetable oil, roasted rice (domestic), scallop seasoning, sesame, powdered soy sauce, scallop extract powder, starch, sugar, konbu extract, shrimp powder, processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), oxidation Inhibitor (vitamin E), caramel pigment, (including wheat as part of raw material)


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