Gluten-free Non-allergen Wakame Seaweed Rice(100g)

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The taste of wakame seaweed is popular among people of all ages. It can be eaten at everywhere by attached spoon. The weight after cooking is around 260g.
“Alpha-rice” is ONIHSI’s special original food, dried rice which storing good taste of fresh cooked rice. The rice is 100% made in Japan. It can be stored for 5 years in room temperature. A part of product don’t contains major 27 kinds of allergen and have a haral certification. By pouring water/hot water and wait for 15 minutes(water)/2 hour(hot water), alpha-rice back to be fresh rice or congee. In addition, this very convenient products can be eaten at everywhere by attached spoon.
• Gluten-Free

• 3 Flavors: Wakame Seaweed, Seasoned Mushroom, Seasoned Wild Vegetables

• Golden Ratio of Sea mustard with 100% Japanese Rice

• Known as “Magical Rice”

• Rice was all thoroughly washed, boiled, stirred, and dried until water content remains at 9% only

• This product is absent of all 27 allergens

• This product is light and can be stored for 5 years under room temperature

• Suitable for hiking, backpacking, travelling, or stored as emergency food

• Every packet also comes with a spoon for convenient reasons
Suggested Use:

1. Open the package, spread out the bottom of the bag to make it stand.

2. Remove the “Ageless” deoxygenizing preservative packet and spoon. *Some products may contain a seasoning powder packet.

3. Fill the packet with hot (15 minutes) or cold water (60minutes) to the fill line.

4. Stir the rice to ensure flavorings are all well-mixed and ensure all seasoning dissolves.

5. Zip the top of the bag and wait until the rice is ready. *Wait for about 15minutes (20 minutes for red rice) in boiling water and 60 mins in cold water (15°C).

6. Open the zip-locked top, stir the rice gently, and enjoy your meal!

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Rice(Made in Japan), Seasoned dried topping(Salt, Wakame seaweed, Sugar, Konbu seaweed extract, Starch, Scallop extract)/Seasoning(Amino acid etc..)60 months