Cashew Soy Sauce


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This product is the number-one popular snack you can find on the Japanese market. It was made with the addition of aged soy sauce, which wrapped the nuts in a rich and complex flavour you should undoubtedly try. Just put a pack of the delicious nuts in your bag to feast on at work during your little breaks, or serve cashews in soy sauce with beer or ale at your party as an aperitif, and every guest will love its fresh & tasty combination. This crunchy Japanese snack will become indispensable while watching a football or basketball match indeed. It may create the best company for chips or dry bread crumbs and maybe even push them off your table as this product is not only extra tasty but also healthy and low-cal. That is a nice bonus for those who like to be always in shape.

Soy sauce forms an essential and integral part of cuisine in southeast Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia etc. This trendy liquid seasoning traditionally consists of soybeans, wheat, salt, and a fermenting agent. Soy sauce in Japan is used as a seasoning for many dishes, e. g., salads, stews, soups, or served with sushi & sashimi. It is also great as an ingredient for snacks like cashews. What is crucial for the flavour and aroma of a naturally brewed soy sauce is that it is becoming better with years, like a good wine. And you are lucky because this is what was used in the preparation of Cashew Soy Sauce. But besides the great light-salty taste, aged soy sauce has many health benefits as well. This Japanese delicacy is high in antioxidants and sodium that our body needs in small amounts for proper function.

Asian-style roasted cashews are not inferior to soy sauce in their useful properties and help improve your overall health. These nuts are rich in fibre, protein, and “good” unsaturated fats but low in sugar, which is important for people wanting to keep fit. In addition, cashews are an excellent source of magnesium, good for bone health, and full of carotenoids & polyphenols, which are two types of antioxidants your body will gratefully thank you for.

It is impossible not to mention the safe & cute packaging in which these yummies come to customers. The pack itself is red, bright, and attracts attention. On it, you can see an elegant Japanese woman in traditional attire depicting the true essence of Japanese culture and craftsmanship. Nihonmoto brings you this healthy snack manufactured from Kyoto, the traditional capital of Japan.

Nihonmoto is an OEM /Private label of “Made in Japan” healthy confectionery, beverage and baby products. We support you to add Japanese products to your portfolio, supporting product development, package design, documentation, logistics, etc. Therefore, don’t lose your chance to become a part of Japanese culture, and add goodwill to the brand “Made in Japan” on your products. Since everyone knows, this verified text on any item implies its high quality, high hygienic, along with high efficacy. So put aside your doubts and choose a good reputation for your quality, nutrition-reach, and tasty products by choosing Nihonmoto and “Made in Japan”.


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cashew nuts, starch, rice flour, wheat flour, sugar, Processed oil, vegetable oil, salt, processed starch, shadowing agent, amino acid, coloring(caramel)