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If you’re searching for the best healthy snack, Wasabi Pistachio will be your perfect choice as it’s a tasty, spicy, and nutrient-rich product. This deliciousness consists of wasabi, which is very famous and used in many Japanese cuisine. Japan is known for its unique product concept and this is one of its kind.

Wasabi Pistachio is a wasabi-covered pistachios pack, which has an extreme amount of benefits for your health. Pistachios are green and slightly sweet nuts grown on pistachio trees and contain many minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, supporting proper immune system development. The number of nutrients in just one pistachio is truly impressive. In addition, along with spicy wasabi seasoning, pistachios get a special flavor with a crispy texture. It’s an ideal food snack with a drink (for example, beer) you can share with colleagues during lunchtime or at a casual party with friends. It comes in a very cute and easy to carry packaging with traditional design. You can enjoy it anywhere and appease your appetite full of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

Made from flavorful ingredients, Wasabi Pistachio is chemical-free and mixes simple components only. Wasabi seasoning provides you with antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties as well as a smooth aftertaste, achieved through a win-win “partnership” between spicy wasabi and crispy pistachios. Japanese cuisine is unimaginable without tasty wasabi. This is a product with a long history, coming from Kyoto, a traditional and cultural ancient capital of Japan. It is manufactured with Japanese craftsmanship, and with the same methods passed from generation to generation. Real wasabi can only be found in Japan because it grows in special conditions. That is why it’s so precious and so appreciated. Wasabi is widely used in cooking, as many classic Japanese dishes are made from it, such as sushi, rolls, sauces, healthy snacks, and so on. Also, wasabi is common in medicine, because this product has a beneficial effect on the body and digestive system.

A remarkable Wasabi Pistachio feature you should pay attention to is its bright and elegant packaging design. It depicts a cute Japanese lady wearing a yellow dress, red hair ornaments, and traditional tiny Japanese shoes against a sky-blue background. These details help to understand that the product is one of the Japanese delicacies, which implies its usefulness, excellent characteristics, and pleasant taste.

Customers all over the world know that the brand “Made in Japan ” resembles high quality, high hygiene, and high efficacy, which means matching all safety standards. Nihonmoto’s company members are OEM/Private label professionals of “Made in Japan” healthy snacks, supporting product development, package design, documentation, logistics, and so forth. Hence, if you’re interested in healthy yummies such as crispy Wasabi Pistachio, there is no better place you can get it. Selecting Japan means selecting quality, nutrition-reaching, along with really tasty products. So don’t lose your chance, and satisfy you as well as your loved ones with a delicious Japanese snack Wasabi Pistachio.


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Pistachio, rice flour, starch seasoning, sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil, wasabi seasoning, margarine, salt, coloring (yellow1, blue1, carotinoid)6months