Super Mario Gum Gum

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A hit gum designed by Mario and his friends, the most popular character of the popular national game series everyone is familiar the Super Mario’. There are 5 designs that you can enjoy various forms of Mario and his friends. Grape flavor with fruit juice and rich flavor. Enjoy in the Pack of 5 grape-flavored gums with Super Mario. Chewing gum (grape flavor) designed by Super Mario’, of the 60 pieces, 5 pieces are included. Love gummies? Here is the one grape gummy made of real grape juice, you can’t put it down the gummy thing in grape flavor chew the gummy and experience the grape flavor tasty tangy juicy gummy.

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Glucose (Domestic manufacturing),sugar, Syrup, Reduced starch syrup, Concentrated grape juice/Gum base, Acidulant, Fragrance ,Anthocyanin pigment36 months