SPICE Ready Meal sweetcorn Stew


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Spice ready meal sweetcorn stew is a blessing for mothers, who always want their babies to get complete balanced nutrition. In this hectic lifestyle mothers have a hard time cooking proper meals for their lovely babies. To overcome this, the Japanese have come up with this unique concept of ready made stew with lots of nutritional content which is easy and quick to cook. The SPICE Ready Meal sweetcorn Stew is a safe, hygienic, and healthy meal for babies. It consists of high-quality ingredients. It has the goodness of vegetables, corn, chicken and soy milk to provide a necessary balanced diet for the babies in their growing age. It is designed such that anybody can easily and quickly cook the curry.
It contains many nutrition-balanced trace elements, which help the kid grow up active, happy, develop properly and have enough energy to learn about the world around him every day. Vegetables provide your little prince or princess with many anti-oxidants, fiber, and water, protecting the child against different health issues, and helping your kid keep a good appetite during the day. Soy milk and chicken indulge a child’s organism with iron, zinc, protein, etc., which play a significant role in muscle-sustaining, embracing less fat.
It does not contain “Wheat”, “Egg”, “Milk ingredients”, “Buckwheat”, “Peanuts”, “Shrimps”, “Crab”, “Cow-derived materials” . It is a natural product without any “Artificial Food additives and Coloring”. Oil used in this product is derived from plants. This makes it safe and healthy for babies from 1 year and above. It has less fat and contains the normal corn stew making it light and your baby will not feel heaviness in the stomach after having this stew.
After all, as we know, Japan is famous for the excellent characteristics of its products, especially in the field of nutrition, cosmetology, design, etc. Customers throughout the land prefer the SPICE Ready Meal sweetcorn Stew because it’s high quality, hygienic, and high-efficacy product that matches all safety standards. So you can be sure of your choice, as “Made in Japan ” is a widely known brand presenting lots of high-quality Japanese baby products.. Nihonmoto’s team members are OEM/Private label specialists of “Made in Japan ” healthy products, supporting product development, package design, documentation, logistics, and so on.


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Vegetables (Sweet corn, Onion, Carrot, and Potato), Soymilk, Chicken soup, Corn puree, Vegetable oil (Rapeseed), Barley puree, Raw sugar, Pumpkin puree, Starch, Salt, Yeast extract, (Soy and Chicken are included partially)12 months