SPICE Ready Meal Chicken Curry


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By using fruits such as apple, vegetables such as onion made in Awaji island and carrot, the taste of pre-cooked and packed curry becomes mild suitable for kids. It does not contain “Wheat”, “Egg”, “Milk ingredients”, “Buckwheat”, “Peanuts”, “Shrimps”, “Crabs”, “Cow-derived materials”, and “Artificial Food additives and Coloring”. Oil used in this product is derived from plants. It can be used for many recipes such as pasta and rice omelet depending upon mothers’ idea. It is safe pre-cooked and packed curry for kids. Suitable age
For age 1 and up In spite of the fact that this pre-cooked curry is made for children, the reputation from adult is also very nice. This kind of products can be prepared and provided on the table quickly. This product has a good reputation “Don’t feel heavy in a stomach after eating” because of less-fat than normal curry.


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Vegetables (Onion, Carrot, Potato), Chicken soup, Chicken, Apple puree, Starch, Raw sugar, Vegetable oil (Rapeseed), Tomato ketchups, Spice, Chutney, Yeast extract, Salt, Curry powder, (Chicken and Apple are included partially)12 months