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Just by pouring the water/hot water into this product, triangle rice ball can be cooked. This is collaboration product with KURAKON.
How to cook is only pouring the water/hot water, no need to tough by hands. It can keep hygienic even in the outside. “Alpha-rice” is ONIHSI’s special original food, dried rice which storing good taste of fresh cooked rice. The rice is 100% made in Japan. It can be stored for 5 years in room temperature. A part of product don’t contains major 27 kinds of allergen and have a haral certification. By pouring water/hot water and wait for 15 minutes(water)/1 hour(hot water), alpha-rice back to be fresh rice.
• One can create a traditional Japanese Rice Ball in 15 minutes without having to come in contact with any of the ingredients
• Rice are all pre-washed, steamed, stirred, and press-dried until 9%
• No need to re-wash or cook.
• Pour hot or cold water, and let the mixture sit its pre-packaged container. *Hot water (15minutues) / Cold water (1hour)
• Does not contain top 27 allergens
• Light in weight and can be stored for 5 years under room temperature

Suggested Use:
1. Remove the sticker on the face of the bag.
2. Open the bag at the notch 1 and take the oxygen absorber packet out of the bag. Extend the bottom of the bag.
3. Fill the packet with hot or cold water to the fill line.
4. Close the zip closure at the top of the bag and shake the bag about 20 times to mix well the rice and ingredients.
*Approximate wait time for hot water is 15 minutes (20 minutes for red rice) and 60 minutes for cold water (15°C).
5. Shape the rice ball by pressing the sealed part beside the notch 2.
6. Tear off the upper part of the bag at north 2, 3 and 4. Fold down the remaining triangular parts on the both sides of the bag.

You can do it without breaking! Mobile rice ball
A rice ball with delicious triangle with delicious taste of ingredients can be prepared simply by adding hot water or water.
3-point cutting method that you can eat without staining your hands. 100% domestically produced rice is used.
[Product information] Wakame seaweed rice ball: Nonglutinous rice (made in Japan), salt, dried wakame seaweed, sugar, starch, seaweed extract, scallop extract, sweet rice wine, seasoning (amino acids)
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Rice(Made in Japan), Cooked kombu seaweed(hydrolyzed protein, Konbu seaweed, Salt)/Seasoning(Amino acid etc.), Sweetener(Sorbitol, Licorice), Caramel coloring, Polysaccharide thickener60 months