Gluten-free Vegan Kale chips (Walnut Cheese) (15g)

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“Nihonmoto” brings you this gem of a vegetable, Kale also referred to as king of vegetables, directly from the farm in the Nagano region of Japan. Our kale is cultivated with natural methods without using any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. High altitude, suitable climate conditions, and nutrient rich soil makes our kale delicious, with no bitterness, enough to be eaten as a raw salad. You can enjoy the delicious and refreshing healthy snack which is processed from freshly hand-picked kale leaves. Easy-to-carry packaging makes it suitable for satisfying your craving with healthy and light crispy snacks anywhere and anytime.

Kale is known worldwide as a superfood as it is the most nutrient-dense food with low calories on the planet. Kale is rich in dietary fiber, β-carotene, vitamins (A, K, C, B6), minerals (Manganese, calcium, copper, Potassium, Magnesium), folic acid, etc making it a must add to our daily diet. It helps to increase skin beauty and helps in anti-agings.

Walnuts used in these chips are also produced locally with natural cultivation methods. The combination of Walnut with cheese forms a perfect recipe for a balanced nutritional snack. It goes well with a glass of white wine on a bright and sunny day. It is widely eaten in stir fried cuisine or in soups.

It is gluten-free and 100% Vegan, a handmade product with Japanese craftsmanship. “Made in Japan ” is known for its high quality, high efficacy, hygienic , and high safety standards. Nihonmoto supports “Made in Japan ” private label brand of 4 different flavors ( Walnut cheese, Orange and Cacao, Smoky BBQ, Non-salt Walnut cheese) and also invites any other product development.

Some of the unique characteristics of our Kale chips that would help you in increasing your brand value;

100% Vegan and gluten-free
Naturally cultivated with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers
Free from artificial seasoning and food additives
Non-fried low-calorie chips
Touch of Japanese craftsmanship
Goodwill of “Made in Japan” brand

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