Chaya Soy Onion Flavored Mayo (Jar) (170g)


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Soy onion flavored mayo is egg free tartar sauce added smoked onion to egg free mayonnaise “Soy mayo”. This product can be eaten by who having egg allergy. Match with deep flied foods, sandwich and dips for vegetables. Free from egg, sugar, additives. And non-cholesterol.
• Gluten-Free • Vegan • No MSG, Added Sugar, or any chemical additives • Egg-Free, Dairy-Free • 100% Natural • Made by 100% Hokkaido Soy Beans • Apple Vinegar used is fermented by the highest quality of Japanese Apples


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Rapeseed oil, Soy milk, Pickled onion, Apple vinegar, Sweet corn powder, Smoked onion(Onion, Olive oil, Pepper, Salt), Salt, Spice, Yeast extract, Vegetable broth (Including Soy beans, Apple)6 months