Bittersweet Matcha Beans


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Bittersweet Matcha Beans is the perfect combination of the sweetness of peanuts and bitterness of healthy matcha, which will impress every gourmet. You can have a snack with this enjoyable Japanese yum while you work, and after a refreshing break, burst into the game with new energy. This product is also great while watching a movie, at a beer party with friends, or just when you want to crunch a delicious and unique healthy snack. As in many Japanese delicacies of this type, the emphasis here is on the freshness and flavor of primary ingredients, like matcha and peanuts.

Matcha is a well-known Japanese green tea known for its health and beauty benefits. Matcha has a long history in Japanese culture and even forms an integral part of the daily life of people in japan. But in Japanese cuisine, it is known not only as a high-quality ingredient while making tea. Matcha is used for preparing ice cream, latte, sweets and different Japanese yummies loved by both children and adults. In addition to the fact that matcha in tandem with peanuts has a delicious bittersweet taste, it has many beneficial properties for your health. Flavor-rich matcha contains the goodness of antioxidants, speeds up metabolism, and helps burn fat. Therefore, by eating this delicious Japanese snack you may not worry about your body shape and just enjoy the moment. Plus, matcha is great for energizing, so forget your daytime sleepiness and let’s eat healthy Bittersweet Matcha Beans!

Speaking of the best snacks, we cannot help but recall the benefits of peanuts. These well-known nuts are the number-one source of high-quality protein, “good” fat, and numerous healthy nutrients. Besides, peanuts are low in carbs. It makes them an excellent choice for people on a diet or health-conscious. You will lose count when you try to calculate all the various vitamins that this popular type of nut contains. It mixes Vitamin E, Biotin, Thiamine, Niacin, Phosphorus, and many other beneficial substances for our mental and physical health. This perfect combination of green matcha and peanuts forms an incredibly crunchy snack for every adult who knows how to appreciate delicacies and would not mind eating them in good company. Just try one of these round-shape and pleasant-texture yummies – and you will not be torn away from it for a minute!

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Peanuts, sugar, wheat flour, cold plum powder, starch, matcha, vegetable oil.Nutritional facts (for 100g)
Energr: 449Kcal
Protein: 13.9g
Fat: 23.8g
Carbohydrate: 48.4g
Salt: 0g6months