SPICE Curry cube mini (75g)


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This curry roux (cube), having a taste easily eaten by kids is made from safe ingredients. The spicy taste is reduced by fruits such as prune and pineapple, and the vegetables such as carrot & tomato. It is free from artificial food additives and emulsifiers. It can be recommended for kids from age of 1 and up. Suitable age
For age 1 and up In spite of the fact that this curry roux is made for children, the reputation from adult is also very nice. Therefore, parents can enjoy to eat same meals with children, reduce the dirty dishes and feed it comfortably. This product have a good reputation “Don’t feel heavy in a stomach after eating” because of less-fat than normal curry roux.


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Lard, Flour, Sugar, Cornstarch (no gene recombination), Chicken extract, Skim milk powder, Fruits powder (Prune, Orange, Pineapple), Salt, Protein hydrolyzate, Spice, Butter, Vegetable powder (Tomato, Carrot, Pumpkin), Yeast extract, Soy sauce powder, Curry powder12 months