Kobayashi Gluten-Free Yakisoba Noodles (Made from White Rice)(128g)


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This yakisoba noodle is made from rice powder produced in Japan(Aichi). Enjoy the smooth texture of this yakisoba.
This is gluten-free raw noodle made from rice powder(Made in Japan). This noodle is not only back up of normal noodles made from wheat. The original taste & texture receive a high evaluation from a noodle lovers. Therefore gluten free life can be started with this noodle without hardship. And this is haral certificate product. Raw noodle is known for it’s difficult to store for a long time. But this noodle can be stored more than 6 months. Many kind of noodles are produced by Kobayashi. You can expand the line up of dishes.
Japanese Yakisoba White Rice Noodles comes from Japan-grown white rice flour. Enjoy the texture of fresh yakisoba noodles that is gluten-free. Cook in hot noodle soup and stir-fry or serve cold with dipping sauce. Besides that, add the delicious noodles to your chicken stock, topped with fresh scallions, tempura fritters to complete the meal! gluten free Gluten Free Low Fat High Fibre Low Calorie Halal Vegan Nut Free Wheat Free Egg Free Soy Free Dairy Free
Suggested Use:

1. Put noodles into boiling water and add a tsp salt (if desired).

2. As the water is boiling again, stir occasionally and cook with medium heat for 3-4 mins or until pasta’s desired tenderness.

3. Drain water. It can be served hot or warm with any kind of noodle / pasta sauce according to your favorite noodle recipes.

4. Enjoy!


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Rice powder(Made in Japan), Vinegar/Thickener(Xanthan gum, Alginate), Gardenia pigment12 months