Horse oil (27g)


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Horse oil (27g) is a well-known bestseller in the beauty industry that is effective and safe for children. Nihonmoto brings you high-quality `Made in Japan` horse oil for your little ones. It is widely used in baby skincare, helping to treat dryness and redness and keep sensitive skin highly moisturized. You can use this natural paraben-free product in the daily skin routine of your child without being scared of clogged pores and oily sheen throughout the day, as horse oil has a lightweight texture along with beautiful skin glowing and pleasant herbal scent.

The most notable advantage of horse oil is its similarity to the natural oil of human skin. Beauty products like this are manufactured from animal byproducts. It provides a newborn baby’s skin with a good amount of microelements which are essential for skin health. It has been used for centuries in Southeast Asian countries for different skin issues treatment. The Japanese industry is one of the most advanced countries in horse oil-producing. After all, as decorative as skincare cosmetics made in Japan are famous for incredible quality, high-efficient, and organic components.

Linolenic acid in horse oil has many beneficial features for young and sensitive baby skin. It’s a part of the omega-3 fatty acids group called essential fatty acid and is known as a vital building material for the skin. Thanks to horse oil, you can nourish your child’s skin with correct nutrition & hydration and neutralize inflammations by activating skin regeneration. Horse oil helps cure dehydrated and damaged skin (for instance, after aggressive cosmetics, rubbing diapers, and tight clothes). Also, this is a real find for kids who have dry skin requiring a double moisturizer, as horse oil improves skin condition. It perfectly softens hardened areas on the skin and restores the healthy lipid barrier.

Nihonmoto is an OEM/Private label specialist of “Made in Japan” products. So we can guarantee you that by choosing “Made in Japan”, you get high quality, hygienic, and high efficacy products, matching all safety standards. Nihonmoto supports you in your journey to start `made in Japan` products with low MOQ (Minimum order quantity), competitive price, unique products, and excellent one-stop solution service. We offer products of the highest quality that attracts with its uniqueness and links with fascinating Japanese culture.


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