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Yuzu is a traditional Japanese citrus fruit, which is known for its tangerine taste, flavor, and distinctive refreshing aroma. It is recently referred to as a super fruit for its exceptional health benefits. It has many applications ranging from cuisine, cosmetics, beverages, etc.

Nihonmoto presents natural Yuzu soap using Yuzu from the golden village ‘Kito’ in the mountains of Tokushima prefecture of Japan. Our mission at Nihonmoto is to offer the finest quality “Made in Japan” products, which are natural and free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives. It is manufactured with the cold manufacturing method using essential oil of Kito Yuzu, pericarp water, and fruit juice without any additives (No use of quality stabilizers, preservatives, synthetic fragrance, and synthetic pigments).

Yuzu has been used for bathing purposes since the 16th century in Japanese culture, known commonly as Yuzu-yu (ゆず湯) or Yuzu-buro (ゆず風呂). It is said to guard against colds, treat the roughness of skin, warm the body and relax the mind with the refreshing fragrance.

“Made in Japan ” is known for its high quality, high efficacy, hygienic, and high safety standards. Nihonmoto supports the “Made in Japan ” private label brand of Yuzu products and also invites any other product development inquiries related to Yuzu. We are OEM/Private label specialists of ‘Made in Japan’ healthy snacks products, supporting product development, package design, documentation, logistics, etc.


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