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Nihonmoto brings you the best and finest quality Yuzu from the golden village ‘Kito’ in the mountains of Tokushima prefecture of Japan. Kito Yuzu has won Asahi Agriculture award for best Yuzu in Japan. In Autumn when the Yuzu fruits are ready to be harvested, the whole region glitters with golden yellow color and hence the name ‘Golden Village’.

The Yuzu used in this product (Yuzu peel) is naturally grown i.e. without using any chemical fertilizer or pesticides. Yuzu is often described as a cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin, a delicious bittersweet combination. Yuzu peels have been widely used in Japanese cuisine as a seasoning as well as a flavoring agent. Enjoy the original scent of Yuzu from the Kito region and the perfect texture of the peel that goes well with sake (Japanese alcohol drink) or as a topping for yogurt. This sugar-coated candied yuzu peel is usually had as a refreshing snack accompanied with tea or coffee. It has been also used as a garnish for cocktails or mocktails.

“Made in Japan ” is known for its high quality, high efficacy, hygienic, and high safety standards. Nihonmoto supports the “Made in Japan ” private label brand of Yuzu products and also invites any other product development inquiries related to Yuzu. We are OEM/Private label specialists of ‘Made in Japan’ healthy snacks products, supporting product development, package design, documentation, logistics, etc.


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Ingredient: Yuzu peel (produced in Tokushima prefecture), granulated sugar